Wonderfully Made

Identity: Week 1

You are a masterpiece in the making, carefully crafted out of love, for love. As a parent adores their children, so are we loved by the One who made us. Loved in the beginning, loved when we trip and when we fall short, and welcomed with open arms.

Its okay to accept who we are, to be at peace with who we are becoming; to humbly love yourself. The artist is not diminished by appreciation of his creation- far from it! It gives Him joy, just as it makes me smile as a Mom when someone appreciates my children. In fact, it’s giving credit where its due.

When we realize that our Creator sees us as wonderfully made, accepts us right where we are, even on the path to where we’re going, we are changed. It’s a truth that can stop fear, silence lies, and begin to transform us.

We aren’t perfect. It’s a journey, a process. We need help, we need a guide to follow, an expert to show us the way. But we don’t have to perform or achieve to earn some distant dream of affection and acceptance. In the middle of the mess, in our success and when we stumble, we can rest in knowing that we are still loved by the Maker. It’s a balanced, humble version of self-acceptance that brings a smile to the Maker’s face.

We love Him because He first loved us. (1 John 4:10)

And that makes all the difference.

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Join the Journey

Growth is strange. It simultaneously takes our effort, our openness and our vulnerability AND it’s not up to us. A grape doesn’t grow through sheer will, it grows simply by being attached to the vine. The same it true for us. It’s a partnership. Our willingness, our surrender, God’s work and power and promise that He will see it through. ⠀

Thursday Thoughts are designed to help you process, pray, discuss, write and/or work through what we are talking about. Whatever method works for you, do it. Think on these things and see where it takes you. ⠀

  1. What would your life be like if you believed that you’re already loved? Just for being? Write out some phrases that come to mind.
  2. What’s holding you back? Past experiences? Circumstances? Think about it and make a list, if that’s helpful.
  3. Consider reaching out and asking for help to really understand and take this to heart. If you have a bible, flip to Psalms (the middle of it all) and find chapter 139 and read it. Now, write out your response. What do you think about it? how does it make you feel? why?
  4. Again in your bible, go to the letter to the Ephesians (flip to the right, or check the table of contents). Go to Chapter 2 and read it through. Make a list of the words that sparkle at you or grab your attention. Think about why and journal that as well.
  5. Want to take it one step farther? Take a moment to quietly ask God how He sees you. Prayer is just a conversation; start one with your Maker! Write down what comes to mind. Compare it with what you read in Psalm 139. If you’re hearing God, the heart of the message will match. What difference does that image make? If nothing comes to mind, don’t stress: God isn’t a pet we can call to heel. Give it time, wait patiently, and ask again.

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