Prisoners of War

We talk about personal freedom here. And we’re going to keep talking about it. Because there are so many of us living lives that are held back, broken or lost in the dark. And that’s not how it’s supposed to be. We are #madeformore.⁣

Before we can even define freedom, we have to understand the nature of our prison. Before we can treat an illness, we have to know what we’re dealing with. Before we can plot our course, we have to know where we’re at.⁣

The truth is, we’re prisoners. We’re desperate for freedom because we’re held captive by our own crap, our pasts, and/or our general humanness. We’re trapped in any number of lies, and bound with good intentions. Sometimes bound with less than good intentions. And we can’t get out. It’s a desperate cycle we can’t break on our own.⁣

We need a rescue.⁣

Did you know you’re in the middle of a war? See, the Maker has an enemy. The Liar. And he’s out to taint and destroy anything that the Maker loves; do anything to try to break his heart and tear him down. …
That’s where we came in. We were the pinnacle of His creation: His Masterpiece and His partners in work and life. He walked with us in the cool of the day. The beauty of our creation and our relationship brought the Maker joy.

So the enemy pounced. He tempted us with control, with wisdom, with superiority and lordship. And in our weakness, we reached for it. We bit into that lie. We turned from the Maker and followed the Liar.

And now, we’re stuck behind enemy lines. Worse, we’ve developed Stockholm Syndrome, believing the Liar and believing in our own sufficiency, wisdom and control.

And it’s killing us. We only have to look around the world, the country, the kitchen table or the mirror to see that.

It’s a war in the world and a war in my heart. And on my own, I’m trapped in what the Bible calls the “law of sin,” that is, following the Liar and living in my own control, my own version of wisdom, believing in my self-sufficiency, independence and superiority. And all I can do is crash and burn… without a rescue.

Join the Journey

  1. What’s your personal history with the word “sin”? What’s your first reaction? Why do you think that might be? – When have you experienced the feeling of the “weight of sin”? What was it like? How did it effect you?
  2. Name a time when have you tried to end or changes a thought process or behavior pattern that you knew was wrong/harmful/sinful. In your journal, describe the experience: what did you do? How successful was it? Why or why not?

It’s tricky, this topic of sin. Because not everyone agrees on the definition of what constitutes sin, and we can’t rely on culture or our conscious to tell us what’s right or wrong. Some things that feel or seem very good and right in a moment can be ultimately damaging. We can sometimes see the effects of sin, but sometimes we can’t. Plus, whenever we try to take control or operate opposed to God, it’s an affront to Him. It can feel overwhelming and hopeless; like a pop quiz we didn’t study for.

But, there is hope.

As we get to know Him better and begin to study the roadmap He gave us (the Bible), we can get a greater picture of His boundaries, His ways, and His heart. But it’s not always easy to accept.

3. What are some questions you might have for God about all this? How do you feel about what you know? Write it out – good, bad or ugly. He’s got big shoulders; he can handle it. Ask Him how to move forward and what areas to process next. Share with a safe friend about what you’re learning and what your next steps are


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