Good Things

God’s got a plan. And he’s prepared good, purposeful things for us to do. Not in a manipulative or dictator sort of way, but our #maker knows our strengths and weaknesses and knows what we are capable of. He knows our stories, experiences, wounds, mistakes, triumphs, education – everything we have to offer the world. And he invites us to partner with him. He invites us into his grand mission of coming back into relationship with humanity. He knows we are like sheep who will wander, confused and lost without help and purpose. He knows the plans that he has for our lives – and they’re plans for a prosperous future filled with hope and joy and love.

It won’t be without its struggles, it’s heartaches and hurts. But we won’t ever be alone in our journey either. And that makes all #thedifference

I’ve often wrestled with the Christian narrative that God wants to “use me.” While I see the one perspective, it’s general intent – it’s humbling!! Who am I that the #maker , the God of the Universe, would want to work through me?! Amazing! But it can also feel a bit twisted – especially for those of us who have experienced toxic or abusive relationships, where being “used” isn’t a happy, humbling thing. At best, you might feel like a fork at the dinner table (cutlery, one teacher said 😂) and at worst, you might begin to believe that God is a manipulative, controlling or abusive dictator who cares little for your heart.

Friends, I get it. But here’s our #tuesdaytruth – that is NOT the #heartofgod . Let’s battle against that lie. Take a moment to remember all the way back to our first module – our Maker says you’re a #masterpieceinthemaking . In fact, the same breath that he uses to describe us as his very best creation, his poem and work of art, it says that he “creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do.” Work we were literally MADE to do. Work we have been uniquely crafted for and equipped for. We are #madeformore.

God isn’t a master manipulator, he’s more like the master guidance counselor. Or the best business manager. Or a talent scout who’s scoped you out – finally finding the perfect person for the part he has waiting. I can’t find the perfect analogy, but those are closer. We have to stick #truth . We have to get to know God’s heart, through His-story, the Bible, so we can better interpret and navigate our life experiences. We’ve got to get connected to a #communityofbelievers that can help us wade through the mud when it rains and get us back on track when we miss a turn, and cheer us alone every step of the way.

Because God’s got good things in store for us. He is trustworthy and he is faithful and he has very best for us all lined out in his game plan. Knowing that makes #thedifference as we are #growingfierce

Join the Journey

  1. God has good things in mind for us. The entire bible is one story after another of God working in the lives of random, seemingly unimportant, unknown person after another. What do you know of these stories?
  2. Consider reading about Gideon in Judges 6 (use the table of contents!). What do you notice? Write about those things as if you’re talking to God about them. Explore the good, the bad and the ugly.
  3. He has perfectly equipped you for whatever it is he has for you, and will continue to do so. What are some of your strengths? Weaknesses? Talents? How do these relate to God’s goals of loving Him and loving people?
  4. In several places, the Bible talks about God’s goodness and mercy and love pursing is. What do you think that looks like? How does the idea strike you? Is it easy for you to believe or difficult? Why? Write a note to God about it.
  5. Finally, consider the future. Write down some of your dreams or goals. God knows the desires of your heart and repeated tells us to ask him for things in His name. So ask him about these goals and dreams. Are they all in alignment with God’s goals? Why or why not? Journal a letter to God asking about what he thinks about your list. What should stay? What should go? What do you focus on this week. What next?

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