This is a place where we explore what not only what it looks like to be #growingfierce but also the how and the why.

What would it look like to live fierce and free?

How do we get there?

What makes the difference?

The Difference is a 12 week exploration of just that. We will be diving into 4 areas that I have worked through as I’ve been on this journey: identity, healing, belonging, and purpose.

Each week, you’ll see a collection of micro-posts on social media, including a weekly Video lecturette. These lessons are designed to prompt thinking, prayer, processing and conversation in your own life. It’s an invitation for you to join the journey.

Because if all I ever do is talk, what have we gained?

If you read but never work through the practical application in your life, what difference does it make?


There has to be more. To live in #personalfreedom we have to be willing to risk, dare to question, and do the hard work of partnering with God to #grow something new in us.

So strap in. It’s time to move forward.

Check out each week’s lessons as they unfold:


Week 1: Wonderfully Made
Week 2: Known
Week 3: Valuable


Week 4: Prisoners of War
Week 5: Rescued
Week 6: Made Whole


Week 7: Follow
Week 8: Adopted
Week 9: Friends


Week 10: Love
Week 11: Good Things
Week 12: Ambassador