Ready to Join the Journey? Check out The Difference, a 12 week exploration of what is it that makes a difference in our lives? How do we live in freedom and fiercely into who we are and who we were created to be? And what does Jesus have to do with it?

About this place


This is a place to consider change. To challenge the status quo and dare to believe your life could look different. This is a place to read the experiences of others and breathe a deep sign of, “I’m not alone.” It’s a place to learn about your heart and the heart of the One who made you. It’s a place to find answers to deep questions.

What difference does it make?

What difference do I make?


Strength. Perseverance. Courage.
Freedom from the past, freedom FOR the future.
To live fiercely is to be true to who you are, who you were created to be. To live fiercely is to be free from fear, or at least have the tools to push past it.

To love fiercely is to dare to love those who are hard to love. To dare to love the wounded, the hurt, the angry. To dare to love and respect those you disagree with. To learn to show compassion instead of spite. To love others more than yourself.

But to love yourself too.

Join me on a journey of a lifetime, learning to love with courage, live with strength and overcome fear through art, truth, and friendship.

Let’s be freedom fighters.