I’ve been thinking. How does change truly happen? 

It’s complex, for sure, but what if it’s more than just shouting our opinions? What if it’s more, even, than telling our stories. I can tell you my story of growing fierce all day long. I can share with you my journey to be fierce and free and what that means to me. But what difference does it make if we don’t believe it could be true for us personally? Can change ever happen if someone doesn’t stop and listen?

See, I’m a facilitator by trade. It was my job to present a brief bit of info and then craft questions that encouraged participants to pause, reflect and respond. And then we would discuss and work through it all. And for those that were open to learning, that’s when change began. 

I’m a facilitator by trade, but I’m a #developer in practice. I don’t want to add to the noise of social media. I want to speak about the hard things with the promise that with the right mixture of inputs and time and practice, good and beautiful things can come out of it. Negatives can become brilliant positives. Beauty can come from ashes. Because God works all things for the good of those he loves and calls and His kind of amazing love doesn’t leave things broken. There is more. There is life more abundant and free.

So stay tuned. I’m not sure how this works online and I don’t know anyone trying to make it work. I think it’s a #newthing and it may totally fall flat. 

Or, it just might change the world, one heart at a time. For our good and God’s glory.


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